Killing the goose, chapter 3,672

The Broadcasting and Cable blog, BCBeat, complains about relentless squeezebacks and other “pop-up” marketing that ruined the viewing of TNT’s presentation of the Hallmark-produced Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol.

…the screen was regularly squeezed for plugs for basketball, Closer, and a Spiderman movie, plus some advertiser-sponsored trivia questions.

As the Ghost of Christmas Present was dramatically producing the skeletal children of mankind’s indifference, “Ignorance“and “Want,” from beneath his robes, the screen suddenly squeezed itself to make room for a trivia question about the character Stewart voiced for the movie Chicken Little (Mr.Woolensworth was the answer).

Then, as Bob Cratchet was discussing the death of Tiny Tim, Tall Tim (Duncan, of the San Antonio Spurs) popped up in the corner of the screen to promote an upcoming NBA double-header (“I wear the bling I forged in life?”).

I’m sure TNT executives think this kind of thing is justified, but the truth is this behavior does nothing but continue to drive away viewers, something television seems hell bent on doing.


  1. That kind of stuff moves people away from TV in general; and points them towards finding their own media — HBO, DVD’s, even family, friends and a good book once in a while. Darned internet has too many popups.
    Paying the premium for HBO and other services is worth it just to get rid of the “snipes” and other creative, well-meaning but superbly intrusive lower-third promotions.

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