Katie, Katie, Katie

Good job, Katie. I don’t know about you, but I came away from The CBS Evening News with a pretty good feeling about her new role and what it portends for the future of evening news. The New York Daily News asked for my comments, but they edited out all the radical lines, like the one about her virginesque white coat being symbolic.

While we all spend tons of time and money on formats and sets and graphics, the reality is that news has become almost completely personality-driven circa 2006, and the thing I like most about Katie is her ability to switch moods on a dime, which gives the upbeat stories a much more powerful framework within which to be effective. Her smile is an “effect” that can’t be created with technology.

The program was just easy to watch, and if others feel the same way, Katie’s going to be around for awhile. I also love the “help me pick my sign-off” participatory element and the fact that CBS didn’t try to elevate her artificial status by calling her “Katherine” as ABC foolishly did with Charlie Gibson.


  1. Terry, I agree with you. Katie’s debut was a success. And I believe she will increase ratings for CBS news. But what struck me most reading your post was this line “…the reality is that news has become almost completely personality-driven.” That reality, in my opinion, is an important component in the emergence of the blogshere. Blogs are personality-driven. But content drives a blog’s personality. Conversely, an anchor’s looks, voice, demeanor and delivery are all the critical components to television news’ personality. Obviously both formats have their audience. But in my opinion, this focus and reliance on personalities may be creating a box for television news that will be a restraint to competing in the landscape of the 21st century.

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