Just in time for Christmas…

My three books are about ready for publishing. We’ve been working on getting them ready for the last couple of months (who knew there was so much to this?), and I’m pretty excited that they’ll be on the market around November 1st.

Hint, hint: Just in time for Christmas.

Watch for my Website going up soon, too — PalmersMeadow.com. That’s where you’ll be able to actually purchase the books. They’ll be $16 each, plus shipping and handling.

Palmer’s Meadow is a mythical land where spiritual fables are told through insect characters. I wrote the first one 15 years ago (The Butterfly Tree) and the last one in 1997 (Princess of the Pond). They are not children’s books, for they carry adult themes and spiritual answers to the conflicts in which the characters find themselves. They’ll ultimately be available as eBooks, but I wanted to get the actual books done first.

Now if I can just get an animation deal.

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