Journalism’s New Values

Here is the latest in my ongoing essay series, Local Media in a Postmodern World. Two in one week!

Positive efforts to reinvent journalism are underway in many quarters, and this is a good thing. The economic crisis is pushing already weak traditional media companies to the brink, and there is much debate as to the cause of the decline. The idea that professional journalism itself may be a part of the cause is relatively new, and it has spawned an online war between those who believe journalists are merely victims and those who believe journalists are at least partially to blame. I don’t attempt to answer that question here, because the more important matter, it seems to me, is what’s happening to the practice of professional journalism itself.

Meet Journalism’s New Values: Speed. Transparency. Authenticity.


  1. “positive efforts to reinvent (add most any industry name here- health care, autos, banking and finance, airlines, media)” is what obama has said his 4 years is all about.

    if he can make some progress, then maybe we’ll give him another 4.

    personally, i look forward to it.

  2. I think the tipping point is here; the financial crisis coupled with the election and economy threw us into the perfect storm, the Black Swan of cultural shift.

    I would argue we’re at a point not only of post-media, but of post-literacy. Those who are most educated will seek out the information and therefore quality journalism will always be needed. However, since the vast majority is not literate, the image-based environment will cater to the need for constant entertainment.

    Is this good for democracy? That’s another question.

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