It’s not enough just to participate

Technorati’s Dave Silfry has issued another “State of the Blogosphere” report, and the results are familiar. The blogosphere is doubling every six months.

Blogging and other forms of new media are a fact of life, and this growth is nothing to sneeze at, even though the user numbers are still relatively small. Local broadcasters need to get involved in blogging and in their blogging communities, but there’s more.

It’s not enough for local broadcasters to just get into new media alternatives to their business model; they must also use their mass marketing clout — while they still have it — to encourage people to use new approaches in media. Yes, I realize that sounds heretical, but you don’t have to actually ask people to abandon your broadcast platform to invite them to use your RSS feeds or your smart aggregators, or to teach them what those things are.

Look, the point is that the migration from old to new is happening whether mass media entities assist in moving it forward or not. Would you rather have your viewers learn of Media 2.0 opportunities from you or Yahoo! and Google? Moreover, wouldn’t you want them using YOUR applications instead of theirs.

Looking the other way as all this is happening is another way local broadcasters are shooting themselves in the foot as the Media 2.0 disruption eats away at their value props.

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