It’s been quite a week

I think this week has been the longest I’ve ever gone without a blog entry. For those who follow what I write, I apologize, but the press of the paying job has made it difficult. First there was the NAB/RTNDA convention in Las Vegas. We had a suite at the Bellagio (the happening hotel) and made presentations to many media companies, introducing them to the web platform software (a.k.a. Content Management System) we’ve created in conjunction with our technology partner, Synapse Multimedia of Shreveport, LA.

Since I played a role in developing the software, it was quite a sense of accomplishment watching as various media company people gave praise. We’ll have a press release coming out on it next week, because it’s a pretty big deal when a major consulting company gets into the product business. We did it, frankly, because it was easier than trying to convince others of the power of our ideas, especially when they had their own software to protect. Cory Bergman of Lost Remote sat in on a presentation and was duly impressed, and when you impress Cory, well that’s really saying something.

The web-based CMS allows just about anyone to drag-and-drop widgets to create their own web pages. It includes ad serving with behavioral targeting, a video player (live and on demand), basic video editing, image editing and user-generated content. One of the big sells of the CMS is its ability to publish content seamlessly across multiple sites — and import RSS feeds from any other site. It also has the ability for a local TV station to run a local ad network of unaffiliated sites.

As a company, we feel strongly that local media companies need control of their own web platform, if they are to reach their full online potential. The era of third-party sites is evolving into one where much more control is at the local level, regardless of who serves up the software.

So three days in Vegas flat wore me out, followed by writing a new essay, which will be published next week. The result has been neglecting my blog, which I promise won’t be the norm.

Speaking of blogs, veteran television newsman and consultant Jim Willi of AR&D has launched a blog, and if the first two entries are any indication, it’s going to be a good one. Jim tells it like it is and will be writing mostly about newsroom strategies and tactics. Mosey on over and have yourself a lookie-loo.

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