It’s all in your perception

Jerry Gumbert at RTNDAA young woman — a college student exploring the RTNDA conference likely for the first time — asked the question of the whole convention yesterday. It came during a session in which Jerry Gumbert, president and CEO of AR&D, was discussing our new book and the details of re-engineering local TV. Grip the arm rests of your chair and get ready. Here it comes:

“Why wouldn’t anybody want to shoot their own video?”

The issue was the roles and expectations of the multimedia journalist. Jerry was talking about how veteran TV news reporters sincerely believe they’ve “earned” the right to “just” report but that the industry simply must move beyond that and embrace the necessity of putting more feet on the street. Readers here have been down this road with me many times. The industry vilification of Michael Rosenblum, the outlier “father of the VJ (video journalist) movement,” has been well-documented here, and it’s common knowledge that the pejorative term “one-man-band” is used with condescension among the rank and file in TV newsrooms.

But the reality is that a whole new generation of multimedia journalist is coming up through our institutions of higher learning, and they feel like this young woman in that room at the RTNDA yesterday. When she made that statement, the other students in the room announced their agreement. Wake up, you intransigent old-timers.

I wish Michael could have been there to hear this young lady make that unsolicited statement. I’m sure he hears it elsewhere, but in this context, in this place, in that room, it was very special.


  1. Man.. so sorry I missed that one.
    I dunno. Why would anyone want to drive their own car?

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