Interviewing a BSer, Al Jazeera English style

Folly Bah ThibaultAs mentioned below in my post about Al Jazeera English, the news outlet represents what I certainly hope is a view of the future, especially where journalists don’t pretend to stand at a distance as objective observers. This piece of video is an outstanding example of engaging an official bent on framing the discussion. The interviewer, Folly Bah-Thibault, refuses to let Maged Reda Boutros of the ruling Egyptian National Democratic Party (NDP) get away with presenting what is clearly a tilted view of reality. I’ve seen lots of American journalists try to do this, but nearly everybody fails, because these types of spokesmen are trained and skilled at spinning reality to suit their ends. Ms. Bah-Thibault is more than equal to the task. Enjoy “the view from somewhere,” à la Al Jazeera English on Saturday, January 29th, 2011. Many thanks to Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Nanabhay for his help in finding this video.

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