Internet perfect for mini-program ads

Internet perfect for mini-program ads.
Thankfully, Madison Avenue and the Web are beginning to team up to show what each can do effectively without trampling on the other. I’m talking about the creation of streaming ads that come in the form of mini-programs. I spent about 30 minutes yesterday playing around the site with the new Jerry Seinfeld/Superman ads for American Express. This is a wonderful example of using the viral nature of the Web to expose what will be a HUGE audience to American Express. Everybody wins.

Newsday Story
Seinfeld/Superman site

Now comes word that Revlon is creating a mini-movie series of 2‑minute ads starring Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Jaime King and Eva Mendes. The ads will run in movie theaters and online.

BMW has had success with its The Hire series of similar “mini-movies” featuring the likes of Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

I like these concepts, because they hit the target beautifully when it comes to Internet advertising. It’s simple Video On Demand (VOD). No “interruption.” Intelligent. Entertaining. Effective. And extremely well done.

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