I’m known!

Many more years ago than I care to remember, I was close friends with an inner city high school basketball coach. At practice one day, I kept hearing players say “I’m known” when making a basket. The deal was that if a guy scored in a game, his name would appear in the paper along with the points he scored. Hence, they would be “known.”

My friend Debora Wenger wrote about my work and some of my opinions for the Society of Professional Journalists.

I’m known!


  1. thedetroitchannel says

    oh, you’re known far and wide, terry…even by those who have little to do with media 2.0.

    take last night… my dear wifey screamed downstairs “what the hell are you doing still online at 10pm?”

    i said “honey, i’m reading a great post by this guy Terry Heaton who was squeezed into a seat on an airplane”.

    to which she said “yeah, well tell terry good night and get the f#ck up here and put away the dishes before you go to bed”.

    see, you ARE KNOWN!

    (and good night, terry)

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