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Jarvis Coffin, CEO of BURST! Media, has written an extremely insightful commentary for Online Media Daily that nails the old media/new media conflict in a way that broadcasters really need to understand.

The problem with big online editorial real estate, of course, is that it cannot overwhelm the countless smaller properties that exist today in a new media economy. Owning a media property does not have to be an expensive proposition anymore.

…Until recently, the notion that big content counts for more eyeballs and more eyeballs count toward more revenue has been accepted as the norm. But against the backdrop of a giant ocean of unique Web destinations, how big does the opportunity of any one place appear? Once upon a time, if you owned NBC, you might well have appeared to own one-third of the opportunity inherent in television. No such appearance is possible today; mass audiences and their eyeballs are dispersing.

Coffin is absolutely correct in this assessment, and it’s why I beg my clients to move AWAY from the all-encompassing portal Website concept. It isn’t about real estate anymore; it’s about unbundled media and the ability of users to self-bundle the things they want, when and where they want them.

And remember, Mr. Coffin is head of one of the largest ad networks out there. We ought to be paying attention.

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