If I’m an ABC affiliate, I’m feeling pretty good

ESPN dropped a bombshell on local media today with the announcement that it is launching a local sports portal in Chicago. If it’s successful (it will be), they’ll expand the idea to other markets. The real beauty of the arrangement is that it includes local partners, the ABC affiliate and the ESPN radio affiliate in the market. This is smart on so many levels, I can’t begin to state them.

So if I’m an ABC affiliate in another market, I’m thinking that this is a very good thing for me. Likewise, if I run the local ESPN radio franchise, I’m a happy camper. The signal that ESPN is willing to work with local ABC affiliates also bodes well for the local affiliate to tap ESPN content for Mobile Digital Television, which I believe is a potential windfall for local affiliates and any content providers.

Oh, and, MillerCoors is already on board as a sponsor.

I’ve got to say that if you really couldn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention. Local media is giving up franchise after franchise in efforts to be all things to all people, the mass marketing way. Local niches are where it’s at, and I salute ESPN for its vision.


  1. i asked my ass’t. (did you know i had one?) to run a fairly long list of espn’cities’dotcom today just to see how well espn has this planned out for whatever the future might hold… they get an a+ PLUS.

    do you think they’ll encourage online trash talkin’ between rivals?

  2. Trash talking is a necessary part of local sports, so, yes, I think so. LOL.

  3. that’s a definite on the trash talk
    Great article

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