I want my iPhone

How long before Apple buys this video for a commercial?

Thanks to Kara Swisher at All Things Digital.


  1. Somehow the humor of this video fails me. I suppose there’s no real harm in the child’s constantly saying, “I want my iPhone.” On the other hand, there’s a hint of bad child behavior here, encouraged by his father…for some reason of his own. For me, it falls more into the “creepy” category than funny.

  2. gary,

    if it suits you, just replace the word “iPhone” with the word “shar-peen!” (a child’s interpretation of “sharp pin).

    course we didn’t have the stinkin’ iphone 20 years ago when my son was just this tot’s size, so the “shar-peen” (in the closed position) was my son’s favorite. called for it at every opportunity too (especially on the changing table).

    yup, we were throwbacks to a different era… we used cotton diapers.

  3. Gary, I agree. There’s certainly a creepiness factor to the video.

  4. “I’m 18 months old and I’m a Mac.”


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