I must be beautiful

A report from the London School of Economics — and reported in today’s London Telegraph — finds that beautiful people are 36% more likely to produce daughters than sons. It also notes that the world’s females are becoming better-looking than men as a result (Oh THAT’s why, eh?).

So while the children of aggressive, scientific parents tend to be boys, who can outwit their competitors when it comes to finding a mate, the children of beautiful, empathic parents tend to be girls, who can take their pick from the gene pool and then hang on to their man.
And since I have three daughters and no sons, then I must be one of the beautiful ones, right? Here’s Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, the evolutionary psychologist who led the research:
“We have shown that beautiful parents have more daughters than ugly parents because physical attractiveness is heritable and because daughters benefit from this more than sons.”
This will no doubt infuriate the anti-stereotypers, but, hey, it’s science, man, and science never gets anything wrong.


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