I didn’t get the memo

So when did “they” decide that the word “blog” refers to an individual entry and not the wrapping? Isn’t “Did you read my latest blog?” the same thing as “Did you read my latest newspaper?” The story is not the paper, and an entry is not the blog.

Or maybe I was asleep when somebody decided otherwise.


  1. Amen. I think it started with (shudder) MySpace; one of their options when a user is logged-in is “Post A New Blog.”


  2. This has bothered me for years now — I used to always correct people. But I think what has happened is that as blog readers/users have grown, the incorrect usage has beaten people down to the point they don’t even try to educate.

    #2 peeve: Referring to user comments on a news story as “blogs.”

  3. Right on Terry…bothers me as well. A blogger writes a post on their blog.

  4. I, too, share your pain.

    On a different but still annoying note.. have you ever been to “Barnes and Nobles”?

  5. God, yes, thank you, Terry. Tom Tucker has it right.

    And Cade, my fraternal grandmother, a steely-eyed bargain hunter who thought nothing of shopping at three grocery stores to save a quarter or two, never went to any store named Target, Kmart or Fred Meyer. She patronized Targets, Kmarts and Fred Meyers. Had she been a fan of bookstore chains, she no doubt would have spent plenty of time at Barnes and Nobles.

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