I am thankful

Gratitude is a form of humility, a state of being wherein we acknowledge that we don’t run everything. Anything else is a form of self-worship, for if we’re not grateful to someone or something else, then who do we thank? Ourselves?

Humility is a great strength and not the weakness that greed teaches.

And if we’re not thankful to others — and especially to a higher power — then we’re completely slaves to time and chance, and frankly, that’s not something I can handle. If you rely on luck to get you by, then you’ve no choice but to accept the opposite.

I’m thankful to God for sustenance, the best mate on the planet, a roof over my head, the warmth of family and friends, eyes to see and ears to hear, ideas, gifts, skills, talents, ways to express them, a good night’s sleep, a room with a view, shoes on my feet, food in my belly, people to love and people who love me, air to breathe, clean water, my dog, occasional glimpses of wisdom, and mostly for His help when I can’t do it myself.

I’m thankful to you for reading my stuff and for the feedback I get from you. I’m especially thankful for you this year, because of your generosity when I needed it the most — surgery to remove a lump from my breast. My nipple smiles for you.

I’m also thankful that the secret things belong to God, which means I don’t have to know everything. Life is much more manageable when I’m not trying to manage it.

I’m extremely thankful, as well, that people don’t have to agree with me. I genuinely feel sorry for people who have trouble with the chicken or egg question, but I’d never argue with their right to be that way. Life has a way of teaching tolerance, because it’s easy to think in black and white, until you’re confronted with your own shades of grey.

I’m generally a happy guy, and that begins with believing that — despite circumstances sometimes — I’m right where I’m supposed to be. To be comfortable in your own skin is God’s greatest gift. It’s taken me many years to get there, but I have that today.

May this Thanksgiving holiday find you in a similar place.

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