Hurricane Katrina taxing media resources

It’s quite a day to be a media person in the southeast. Everybody has only one thing on their minds — this darned hurricane named Katrina. I remember well what Camille did to the region, and we’re getting lots of reports suggesting this one will be similar.

Brian is doing a great job over at TVNewser (as usual) covering the cable networks’ coverage of the storm.

I won’t try to duplicate the efforts of so many others in providing links, but this one is especially interesting. It’s the breaking news blog of The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.

Meanwhile here in Nashville, my friend Rex Hammock is busy blogging the hurricane and doing a great job of providing links and such.

In times of local crisis, the importance of having an active blogging community becomes very apparent. There are so many people outside an area who are desperately seeking information — any information — from the ground, so even if power and web-access is out in a city, the information being shared is much needed. (One of the reasons I blog hurricanes is that all of my family (including inlaws) live within one-mile of the Florida or Alabama gulf coasts.)
Rex is also proposing that some emergency preparation would be a good idea for local bloggers to discuss, and he’s volunteered to lead such a cause.

Rex, I second the nomination.

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