How to screw up a podcast radio station

Staci Kramer at Paid Content has a few choice words for KYOU, the San Francisco radio station that launched its podcast format this morning. She says the online process almost dares people to listen:

First, you have to jump a registration hurdle that include questions like where are you listening from (work, office, school, other); how many employees in your company (assuming everyone who listens works at a company); first and last name; and email address whether you simply want to listen or want to submit podcasts to be aired. User names and passwords must be chosen. Would-be podcasters must verify their e‑mail address — that actually makes sense. The opt-in box for emails from KYOU is already checked, a practice used/abused far too often…

Ready to listen? Click on the Listen Live link for word that your computer configuration is “incompatible” with “our audio service” because there’s no ActiveX plug-in to allow its sonixtream software to run. (The problem is my version of Firefox. If you’re willing to go through the process, use IE for the first run.) That will take you to a page so complicated that anyone who has made it that far will be tempted to cut their losses and run.

Did I mention that the station programmed by the people with podcasts for the people doesn’t offer an RSS feed for podcasts of its programs or direct traffic to links for the podcasters? Yeesh.

Yeesh is right, Staci. As we say in the south, this is dumber than a bucket of hair. At a time when the station ought to be encouraging sampling, they’ve chosen instead to build a database for monetizing the traffic. That, I believe, should come much later.

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