How to promote citizens media efforts

This is a WKRN ad for Nashville Is Talking, and I encourage you to take a look. The beauty of it is that it says nothing about the station and everything about the bloggers. This is counterintuitive and seems crazy to broadcasters, but it is the law of attraction that works online, not the law of promotion (boasting). It’s not about the station — except indirectly — anyway. It’s about the bloggers. Ultimately, it’s about influence and making money — for everybody.

Yeah, we know about it being all white guys. That’ll change.

Nashville is Talking is doing terrific numbers for a site that has only been marketed virally so far. As I’ve written previously, the site has incredible street creds with the local blogosphere, and we’re about to launch an ad network that will provide revenue for the bloggers and extend the reach of the station’s Internet sales efforts.


  1. I hope this is working for WKRN, because I just don’t see any TV station seeing that spot and thinking it’s a great idea.

  2. You’ll need to define “working for WKRN” before I can respond.

  3. If you don’t get the spot, then you don’t get the concept of

  4. Great spot Terry! I hope that WKRN is planning on playing that during their newscast.

    J- If I were a station manager and my competition aired this spot, I think I’d be wondering what WKRN knows that I don’t, and I’d be wondering how to get my station into the game. I might even be asking myself if it’s already too late. (it’s not).

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