How to do elections online (?)

I’ve been graciously invited to participate in a brainstorming panel in New York on Friday sponsored by the RTNDF with assistance from the Carnegie Corporation and the meeting host Hearst-Argyle Television Inc. It’s a pretty lofty panel that includes some biggies in broadcasting and the web, including my friend Jeff Jarvis.

The topic is fascinating: what can broadcasters do to better their 2008 election coverage and include their audience? Here’s the way conference organizer Deborah Potter put it:

RTNDF has a new initiative called Digital Elections: Using New Media to Engage Your Audience. Our goal is to create a project that will enable RTNDF to help local stations use their digital resources to better inform and engage their communities, in an interactive way, during the 2008 election. By bringing so many bright minds together, we expect to use what we glean from this meeting to shape this important project.

Executives will be there from NBC, CBS, Gannett, Hearst-Argyle, Scripps, Univision, Nexstar, Public Radio and more.

So what should I contribute? What do you think I should tell this group? How can we use the web to better tell the election story and to involve users in the process?


  1. You should tell them that it’s about time!

  2. Feed the masses with RSS and they will become loyal to you, if you force them to go to a cluttered web site they will go somewhere else and get the same data.

    And I am really hoping this election someone gets it right and I do not have to watch TV to keep up to date. Nothing worse than hearing the same dribble over and over for 12 hours.

    Don’t tell me what you want me to see, show me the facts in a clean uncluttered format.

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