How the RIAA is trying to “make law”

I strongly recommend you give a listen to Shelly Palmer’s latest podcast. It’s with Ray Beckerman, Esq., partner at Vandenberg & Feliu LLP, Shelly and Ray discuss the RIAA’s judgement against a Minnesota woman for uplinking 24 copyrighted songs. It’s only 16 minutes long, and it gives what I think is some very valuable insight into the whole issue of the music industry suing its customers.

Beckerman is a copyright expert, and his take is spot-on. He calls the ruling a bad interpretation of the law and believes the verdict will be set aside, primarily because the judge incorrectly instructed the jury. He adds, however, that the RIAA will rush to settle the case for next to nothing, because they need the verdict to use in other cases. It’s fascinating — and, frankly, scary — stuff.


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