How long will we say nothing?

My heart goes out to former WCNC-TV sports director Chuck Howard and his family after he quit (or HAD to quit) in the wake of an accidential utterance of the word shit on-the-air last week. He was taping a segment for the next morning, when he said, “Shit, let’s retake that.” Of course, the wrong tape aired, and Howard was history.

It’s this way, folks, because we’re sitting back and doing nothing while a tiny group of extremist thinkers who pull the strings of the FCC are allowed to run roughshod over constitutional freedoms in the name of protecting us from what they deem vulgarity. I can think of several instances in my life as a news director where people said that or worse on-the-air, and in each case, the circumstances dictated that no action be taken. Was my lack of action leading to the downfall of our youth? Hell no, and yet we’ve gone so far down this slippery slope that no explanation can stand against the black and white mandate of governmental interference.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

Sue me.


  1. I can not believe one slip-up lead to the sportscaster’s firing. I would hope there were other factors. I agree the FCC “dictators” are going way to far in their recent mandates. It is causing a chilling affect. Station managers are walking on thin ice. Instead of focusing on how to best serve our communities, we are now just trying to keep the FCC wolves off our asses.

  2. Fuck Yeah! That post kicks fucking ass!

  3. Hey, wait a minute — why can you write the word shit on here, and I can’t write the word f@ck? What kind of hypocrtical bullshit is that? Especially on a post about censorship? Fuck you Terry!

  4. STOP THE PRESSES! Now apparently I can’t type sh1t on here either, but you can? GODDAMMIT!

    Hold on, you did let me type bullshit.

    Okay — we’re cool! Thanks Terry!

  5. Cunt.

    Just checking.

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