Here’s a book waiting to be printed

My “can’t miss” prediction for the weekend is that The Interdictor will be shaped into a book that may even become a best-seller, and I’ll wager that agents are already trying to contact its author, Michael Barnett. Here’s a taste of a recent entry:

The 3 guys you just saw on webcam are Jeff and Hank of Data Protection Services (one of our customers who swore to their customers that they would not go down because of this storm), and Doctor Tom, an anesthesiologist. These three men heroically found a way to deliver us fuel and supplies into this disaster zone. I say heroically, because the amount of effort it took them to coördinate a way to get a container and fuel and a route in to the city in the face of persistent danger on the streets was absolutely off the charts. Their customers need to know the lengths that these men went to in order to get the job done. I listened to their accounts and I was absolutely impressed by the initiative and resourcefulness of these guys. Their story will be forthcoming on my blog sometime in the coming weeks when this is all over. For now, I want to thank these men in front of the whole world for the service they just performed.
None of us will ever be the same after this disaster, and I think that’s especially true for a guy like Michael. Bestseller, movie, who knows? For now, however, this remains one of the truly remarkable examples of blogging’s finest hour.

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