Here comes RSS advertising

When Dave Morgan of Tacoda says something, I tend to listen. He’s written a must-read piece for ClickZ about the coming wave of RSS advertising, in which he actually says, “This is big.” Believe me, folks, this is no lie.

Analysts and pundits have predicted for years RSS use could eclipse the Web or e‑mail as the primary method for receiving and viewing content by some consumers. Yet many in the industry haven’t paid those predictions much heed. Given RSS’ acceleration over the past year or so, those predictions may not be wrong.

RSS use is big and growing fast. In November 2004, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found 6 million Americans already use RSS aggregators for online news. Studies also show the more consumers use RSS, the more they want. A recent study reveals 73 percent of existing RSS users intend to increase their RSS consumption this year.

Broadcasters, are you paying attention?

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