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McGraw-Hill Broadcasting (one of my clients) is seeking three top-notch individuals to run their new media planning and implementation. I’ve been a part of developing the job description below, and I want to tell you that these stations (KGTV-TV, San Diego/KERO-TV Bakersfield, KMGH-TV, Denver, and WRTV-TV, Indianapolis) are doing everything right in terms of preparing for the future. These are new positions that report directly to the GM (the way it has to be).

You don’t have to be a coder, per se, but you need to have a deep familiarity with how all this stuff works beneath the surface. A background in media may or may not be helpful; what is key is the vision and skill to create new businesses within a media environment. These are great opportunities for the right people, and I can tell you that the pay will be satisfactory.

If you’re interested, send an email and resume to the following:

Denver: Heidi Armstrong, HR Manager []
Indianapolis: Don Lundy, General Manager []
San Diego: Derek Dalton, General Manager []

Digital Media Manager job description:

The Digital Media Manager has the primary responsibility for the strategic direction and implementation of the stations’ digital media initiative. To meet station goals, they develop, implement and market products that:

  • Reinforce the presence of the station in the local community online
  • Leverage new media (blogs, RSS, search etc.) to encourage the local community to interact with the station and each other
  • Provide a resource to empower the local community
  • Aggregate community information on a digital platform
  • Support and promote local broadcast content online
  • Utilize broadcast capabilities to create innovative local market content for the web
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote commerce within the local community.

They exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit with demonstrated leadership qualities. They have hands-on capabilities with current web technologies. They have an understanding of local advertising and local news media. They have the ability to communicate that knowledge into language that is understandable to all employees of the station.

They report directly to the General Manager.

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