Haque: “No words to express the suckage.”

Umair Haque on U.S. television news:

Now that I’m in the States, when I make the mistake of trying to watch some news, I get, instead, a dose of catastrophically stupid anchorbots yelling at each other (or better yet, at me). You know the score — O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Paula Zahn, etc…

This is a mini case study in why Media 1.0 is dying such an agonizing, painful, awful death. I mean, here in SF I get about 10 news channels — and I still can’t get any news. All I can get is screaming, shouting, honeymoon murders, infotainment, blah, blah. Not to mention about 30 mins/hr of ads.

Forget strategy for a second. We don’t need any economics to tell us why media’s dying anymore: (how can I put this nicely) it sucks. Beyond sucks. It absolutely blows. There are no words to express the suckage anymore.

I posted this, because it comes from one of the increasingly influential innovators in the Media 2.0 world. The sad thing is a great number of people who work in the industry agree with him, but they are helpless to do anything about it. We’re being led to the tar pits by the scent of food.


  1. Jon Husband says

    delicious last sentence .. and unfortunately, so true.

    Umair is being polite in his assessments, imo. The US must be close to, or now is, the most heavily propagandized nation in the world. The WH doesn’t even have to worry any longer about whether their media lackeys are on message. Astonishing, really, watching from outside your country. You’d think more people would want real news and honest reporting.

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