Gruesome video clips

“Let me decide for myself.“
This is the mantra of Postmoderns (Pomos), who resist authority and what they view as the elitism of the media. They don’t like it when somebody else (the media) determines what they can or can’t see or read. The phrase popped up Sunday in a fascinating (and important) article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about gruesome news video that’s showing up on the Internet. Video that’s “spiked” by producers and editors — because it’s too offensive for general viewing — routinely winds up on sites like First amendment lawyer, Lawrence G. Walters, represents the site and is quoted in the article. “They get most of the extremely graphic news footage that other news stations refuse to air,” Walters said. “There is legitimate interest in seeing what’s really happening out there in the world. A lot of people say, ‘Let me decide for myself.’ ” Frankly, it’s not for me, but then I’m just a Modernist guy with a weak stomach.

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