Groundhog Day, it’s not just a movie

It came and it went, and the temperature outside my Grapevine, Texas apartment is rising. I always sigh with relief when I know that an early Spring is certain. The flowers, the warmth, all of God’s creatures being twitterpated — these are the things that make life worthwhile.

So it was with joy that I discovered nearly unanimous consensus among the country’s groundhogs about an early end to winter. Only in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin did Jimmy the Groundhog see his shadow and run for his burrow, predicting another six weeks of winter. But, hey, that’s Wisconsin, for crying out loud.

Punxsutawney Phil from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania — the “real” groundhog — says we’re having an early spring. So does Wiarton Willie over in Wiarton, Pennsylvania Ontario. Same with Mona the Groundhog in Southwest Florida, Woodstock Willie and Cloudy from the Chicago area, and General Beauregard Lee in, of course, Georgia.

Woody the Woodchuck in Howell Michigan didn’t see his shadow either, so he’s predicting an early spring for Michigan. Michigan? What does he know? He’s a bloody woodchuck.

I’m going with the majority. Where’s my suntan oil?


  1. Terry, Terry, Terry,
    Wiarton Willie is from Wiarton, Ontario. I’m suprised there are any ground hogs left in Pennsylvania what with people like my best buddy George (from Pittsburgh) who shoots them in his back yard. That’d never happen in the supposed gun-free Canada. (Only criminals have guns in Canada and they aren’t concerned with varmints.)

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