Gore’s new network to launch

Gore’s new network to launch.
From what I know about it, this is going to be interesting. Will it be political? Al Gore says it won’t be, but that’s hard to believe, given the roots and history of Gore and his family. Here are the quotes from the two parters (Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt) via PRNewswire.

“We are launching an exciting television network for young men and women who want to know more about their world and who enjoy real-life stories created with, by and for their own generation,” said Gore who, as Chairman of the Board, will devote the lion’s share of his time to the venture. “We want to empower this dynamic generation with a network dedicated to them that has integrity and a commitment to excellence. This will not be a political network,” Gore emphasized, adding, “These stories will be in a voice that young people recognize and from a point of view they identify as their own.”

Explained Hyatt, “Having learned from both the successes and failures of other cable networks, we are confident this is a winning concept. As for its content, we aspire to what Orson Welles once said, ‘Don’t give them what you think they want — give them what they never thought was possible.’ We are building a truly independent media company which will share the power of the television platform, enabling young people to contribute in significant ways to the creation of the content they consume.”

I’ll have much more on this when the mainstream press gets into gear on the story.

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