Googling the world

Googling the world
Search giant Google is a potential threat to any ecommerce business, including Amazon and eBay. That’s just one of the conclusions of a must-read piece in Business Week. Google approaches the business of the Internet in a Postmodern fashion, that is they violate business protocols and attack problems from the ground up. The service works from the consumer outwards, and while it seems to aid online businesses, it’s taking impressions from their Websites and transferring them to Google. By employing a site’s own technology, Google is able to provide a simple text search for nearly anything. Last week, the company launched a service wherein users can track FedEx or UPS shipments simply by entering the tracking number and “FedEx” or “UPS” in the search bar. Up pops the page from the FedEx or UPS site with your information! Google didn’t partner with either FedEx or UPS to provide this service. They didn’t need to, and as the article points out, there’s really nothing to stop them from spreading such services.

Google has decided that its customers should gather information through inputs of text search terms by using more or less the same simple interface to search for news, things to buy, or any other topic. That’s a small but important distinction. Google assumes that customers are smart enough to learn to search with words rather than with the graphical and pull-down menus used by most of its competitors. That’s an understandable bet. Google has gone from upstart to Internet star with a business plan based on that assumption.
I love Google. It’s my Browser’s home page, because it’s so easy to use and it gives me more control over my time and my Internet experience. That is tapping a Postmodern demand, and as such, it’s the model for all to follow. How the company handles greed will be the big issue downstream, for it plans to go public sometime next year. And greed, as we all know, kills every good idea in Postmodern America.

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