Google digs deeper into local pockets

It seems every announcement these days from the powerhouse that is Google is aimed at getting into the wallets of local advertisers and removing money from markets without a local presence. Beginning today, Google will start allowing merchants to distribute printable coupons via its mapping service, Google Maps. According to an article in today’s Media Daily News, Google is kicking off the program with online direct marketing company Valpak, but the big plan is to create a way for local advertisers to create their own coupons.

“We’re going to be launching the ability for AdWords advertisers to easily create ads to drive traffic to the coupons page,” he (Gokul Rajaram, product management director at Google) said. “At that point, the advertiser doesn’t need a Web site.”

Rajaram also said the initiative aimed to improve the user experience and increase traffic at the Maps site.

Of course the real aim is, again, to pull money from local advertisers into the Google coffers, and this is another slap in the face of local media companies and local ad agencies who continue to try and force their reach/frequency model on everybody (and insist that the earth is flat). Google continues to prove that they don’t need the blessing of the status-quo to suck cash out of local markets, and this will be the downfall of those who view internet pure play companies as a nuisance instead of a threat.

Oh, and this application will be extremely mobile media device-friendly, and then who’ll need the yellow pages, newspapers or anybody else?

Jarvis: There goes the neighborhood


  1. Terry,

    Google is making a smart move here adding value and creating wealth with their map platform. This move demonstrates a strong understanding of small business (i.e., local retail merchants), the folks too long ignored by local ad supported media who are invested in the banal transactional dance of spots and dots.

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