Google adds tabbing

Well, well, Google has added a pretty cool new feature to their personalized home page (which I use). Actually, the feature isn’t “new,” because other customizable start pages also do this, but Google (as usual) has taken it a bit further than most. If you open up your page, you’ll notice you can now add as many tabs as you want. The company makes available a TON of easy-to-add RSS feeds and other content and gives you the tools to add a one-click “add to Google” link for your blog to make it easy for others to add your content to their Google home page. If you make widgets, they also provide the code to add your widget to the Google home page.

Again, this isn’t “new” but it is for Google, and I think we have the old Reis and Trout “market leader” strategy at work: let others do the innovating and just co-opt the strategy for yourself. It’s very nicely done.

Now if they’d just include enclosures…

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