God bless the RIAA (with a brick)!

God bless the RIAA (with a brick)!
I’ve waited a day before commenting about the RIAA’s latest round of suing its customers, because I wanted to read what The Register wrote about it. They didn’t let me down. The headline: “RIAA goes hunting for 532 more file-traders — Only 50 million to go”

The RIAA has launched Version 2.0 of its lawsuit filing program, suing 532 music fans in Washington and New York.

The music label mob scrapped Version 1.0 of the lawsuit program after a federal appeals court blocked the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) from acquiring file-traders’ identities from ISPs via subpoenas. The RIAA has now been forced to file suits against “John Doe” defendants and to acquire their identities through a longer, more costly legal process.

The pigopolist mob reckons most of the 532 consumers had more than 800 files on their PCs. Once the trader’s identity is discovered, the RIAA has graciously offered first to try and settle out of court for thousands of dollars before wringing its customer base through the legal system.

I love The Register with its UK sarcasm and Postmodern approach to everything. They’re the only media outlet I’ve seen that has consistently called this for what it is — an industry ploy to cover the real reason for loss of sales: crappy music.
With tens of millions of people trading files online, it will take the RIAA many years to complete the copyright sweep in the courts. To its credit though, the lobby group has implemented a firm, military approach to its program that could push things along.
(Full disclosure: I have an illegal copy of Eddie Arnold’s “Cattle Call” on my hard drive.)

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