I’m off to Seattle Thursday for Gnomedex. I’m on a panel Saturday afternoon with J.D. Lasica and Cory Bergman on the future of media. I’ll be talking publicly for the first time about what’s been happening with the blogosphere here in Nashville.

Gnomedex is sold out, and a ton of my friends from the blogging world will be there. I’m really looking forward to it. I should add, however, that all this travel is getting old. Fortunately, there’s not much on the schedule after this, so I can settle in and write. (and there’s so much to write about).


  1. There will be at least three of use from the Nashville blogosphere attending (You, Nick Bradbury and me — although I’m heading home early Saturday — sorry I’ll miss your presentation.)

  2. three of “us” — I guess I should use that preview button.

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