Generation‑Y defined

Generation‑Y defined.
I used to study personalities as the president of ANSIR Communications, so I’m always up for sub-dividing the populace. That’s what the marketing/branding folks at scenarioDNA have done as part of their Ignite! Youth brand planning resource. As I wrote about this last year, DONATA studies young people, because they’re more Postmodern than their parents, and I think this research effort is important to that end. They’ve taken the whole of the Generation‑Y (ages 14–24) and divided them into regions of similar values and interests. Here’s their grid:

The north and south and east and west poles represent opposites, so The In-Crowds would be very different than the Thrill Renegades, and the same would be true of the Pop Mavericks and the Networked Intelligentsia. Pricey ($5k for the full report) but cool stuff.

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