Fun with headlines = a confusing future

Hey, it’s Friday, and a holiday weekend is ahead, so let’s have a little fun with links and headlines. Ready? Here we go:

TV Networks See Key Audience Erode

More Shoppers Trust the Internet Than TV

Web Ads Taking Off Again: Q1 Revenues A Record $7.3 Billion

Study: Online Video Ads Beat TV Ads In Viewer Recall

Internet Users View Ads As Distraction

The Economy Is Wavering. Does Washington Notice?

Let’s review. TV is losing its audience to the Internet, where shoppers seem to have more trust. As a result, web advertising is booming (again), and there’s evidence that video ads online “work” better than on TV. Great, huh? However, users view ads as distractions (so they ignore them), and the economy’s “recovery” is moderating.

Hmm. Sounds like we’re racing at full speed towards a cliff (that we apparently can’t see).

And so it goes…

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