Fred Wilson’s turnaround plan

Go read it. Fred’s a smart, no nonsense guy, and he makes great points about what we need to do as a people. I’ve felt the same way about the word “change” being bandied about during this presidential campaign. Both sides use it, but there’s little in the way of real change in the words that follow it. It’s become an empty slogan at a time when we need real change.

Fred offers his plan for America, and it’s one that demands sacrifice. The real question is do we have it in us as a people to sacrifice for the greater good? I wonder. And I keep hearing that wisdom from the Bible that “the borrower is the servant of the lender.” Increasingly, we serve the Chinese and the sultans.

Fred for President!


  1. […] Fred Wilson’s turnaround plan […]

  2. […] Fred Wilson’s turnaround plan […]

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