Fox on MySpace

Fox on MySpaceOh oh! Better pay attention to this: FOX on demand has a MySpace page and it’s pretty darned cool. Who needs a TV anymore?

Think about this for a minute. Fox has been able to integrate its on-demand products into the biggest gathering place of young people in the world. This is why aggregation (MySpace IS an aggregator of individual websites) is so important in the Media 2.0 space.

Gee, ya think Rupert may have thought of this before he signed the check?

Is your station’s player portable enough for you to embed it on your station’s MySpace page? What? Don’t have one?


  1. thedetroitchannel says

    i tried with no success to pass along to a certain station group a suggestion made by a contributor over on lost remote; while a myspace page is also a no-brainer, so is registering your brand(s) as a youtube id…before someone else does.

    the idea is not originally mine, but i had read it a year ago somewhere and dismissed it (my bad). only after re-reading it over at lost remote on the heels of yt’s big$buyout did it click. the thinking was that even if “you” didn’t use it, it would certainly be a good defensive move. for my part, i thought of it as a way of helping myself by helping someone else. that someone being a few billion dollar enterprise. didn’t even get a reply to my email.

    something tells me i will though at some point. and probably not in the same spirit as i had offered.

    keep ya’ posted


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