Fox embraces PVR Technology

Embracing technology instead of fighting it
Just days after outgoing WB Network chairman and CEO Jamie Kellner declared technology the enemy of broadcasting, Peter Chernin, president of News Corp. and chairman-CEO of the Fox Entertainment Group, said Fox was spending vast amounts of time trying to figure out how to deal with the challenge posted by PVRs. And in what has to be the most refreshing thing I’ve heard from a broadcaster in years, he said Tuesday, “I don’t think what it’s challenged is advertising. I think what’s challenged is the three-minute pod of sort of bland 30-second commercials. I think it behooves all of us to work aggressively to think of different ways to get different messages out.” Technology is NOT the enemy of broadcasters, only those who refuse to accept the inevitable. “It’s a pretty easy thing to come to grips with in that we’re not going to stop it,” Chernin said. “If one side of the company said that we’d prefer to live without PVRs. Well, you know what, too bad. You’re not going to live in a life without PVRs.” Let the creative solutions begin!

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