Forbes prediction sounds familiar

From a Forbes article entitled Media Companies Focus On Deals:

News Corp.‘s $6 billion bid to snap up outstanding Fox Entertainment Group shares is just the opening salvo in a year that should be full of media mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. Some will be ego-driven control deals. But, the Internet and interactive TV are rapidly altering the media landscape, and the old-line companies will need some new traveling companions.
This sounds remarkably like one of my predictions. Meanwhile, Jeff Jarvis suggests that one good deal would be Viacom selling CBS News.
This makes great business sense for Viacom: I’m sure they don’t really want to be in the ever-shrinking network news business, where audience and then, inevitably, revenue will continue to fall. CBS is overly expensive. Viacom has proven to be incapable of managing CBS News effectively; it’s hard to manage sacred cows, as the Rathergate commission demonstrates…CBS News is the odd man out at Viacom, the cow in the chicken farm. Selling it off lets them concentrate on entertaining us and doesn’t affect the brand and audience on the rest of CBS at all. So Viacom should sell CBS News — and its news timeslots — and make a good buck on the deal.
Not likely, but I suspect Jeff knows that — fun idea, nonetheless.

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