Forbes on PVRs

Network heads in the sand (again)!
The digital threat is as real as it gets, folks, but not in the minds of execs at the networks. Forbes writer, Scott Woolley, quotes ad execs and network types in another chilling article about the onslaught of personal video recorders (PVRs). Postmoderns want what they want when they want it, and PVRs provide that. As such, PVRs fit perfectly into the cultural shift to a Postmodern world. But knowledge that PVR users fast-forward through 80% of the commercials is a serious threat to network and local television. My favorite quotes in this article are from Chuck B. Fruit, a senior vice president at Coca-Cola: “It is inevitable that technology will give consumers more choices, and that includes when and how many commercials they want to view. We want to move away from an exclusive reliance on 30-second commercials to talk to the consumer.” As ads become more voluntary, he says, “it puts a great obligation on the advertiser to be a part of the viewing experience and to add to the experience.” Otherwise, he warns, “they will risk being irrelevant or ignored.” Here’s an ad executive who understands that it’s all about the user’s experience. Pomos define themselves through their experiences.

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