Forbes and the bloggers

Once again, Florida airports continue to impress me with free WiFi. I’m in Tampa on business (now homebound), and it’s nice to drop an entry in the bucket. Every airport should have free wireless connectivity.

I wanted to make a quick reference to the Forbes’ article that’s getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere today. The thing basically trashes blogs, to which I ask, “What do you expect?” The democratization of media isn’t considered a good thing amongst the business status quo, so these kinds of broadsides shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Meanwhile, Mark Glaser writes a fascinating story about bloggers in India taking on a business school’s ad claims. The school was a huge advertiser in mainstream media, but the bloggers weren’t bound by the potential diversion of ad revenues. The school tried to muscle the bloggers, and eventually wound up with egg on its face.

This is why the story in Forbes shouldn’t surprise anybody.


  1. I wouldn’t say I was surprised when I came across the article, except for possibly the admission that corporations hire firms to track certain bloggers. So blogger posts have created a spy industry to track us. We’re now media terrorists?


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