For sale: 1 slightly used iPad

crushed iPadSometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug.

At the right is a picture of my few week old iPad that I’ve decided to put up for sale, as is. It’s the big one with the 64-gig memory and 3G. Nice, huh? I’ll admit it’s slightly used, but, hey, it’s still an iPad, right? All offers considered. We’ve paid for numerous apps, and you’ll get those along with the device — at no charge! There’s also tons of music in there, with all rights fees paid!

The screen has the new “crushed” look, which developers say resembles the look of an iPad that’s been run over by car after car after being left in the street. It’s pretty cool, huh? No extra charge for that.

crushed iPadI’ve let the battery run down, so that you can charge it from scratch and get an idea of how long it’ll go on one charge. I hope you don’t mind.

I’m throwing in the case, again at no extra charge. Aren’t I generous?

A week ago, my stepson took it out to visit a friend’s house. Like any 20-year old with too much on his mind, he left it on top of his car, while driving off. This is what’s left after 12 hours on a busy street. The “protection plan” purchased with the device doesn’t cover this, for some odd reason.

Not to worry, though. I’ve made a deal for him to replace it over time, and that’s the only thing preventing me from homicide.

Meanwhile, if anybody wants the thing, it’s for sale. Click on the images for an up close, personal look. May it rest in peace.


  1. Amy Wood says

    As a confessed iPad addict this leaves me shaking in my boots. 🙁 Poor iPad !!!!

  2. Another reason and a good lesson why you NEVER put anything on the roof of your car. Been there, done that. But then again it was a coffee cup, not an expensive iPad. Ouch. I feel for you.

  3. Obviously Apple should redesign this faulty device 🙂

  4. call me re: device — offer is $50

  5. Please email me regarding the purchase of this “fine” iPad.
    I have one and wouldn’t mind using it to fool a few friends.

  6. OMG! It looks like it was partially digested…

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