Following up: Elf Yourself

Advertising is content in Media 2.0. Traffic to Elf Yourself matches The New York Times in one month’s time, according to Alexa:

Alexa graph showing Elf Yourself equal to in terms of traffic

This cost Office Max virtually nothing compared to the ad budget necessary to reach those millions of people via the Times.


  1. thank you so much for using the alexa graph.

  2. which millions of people would they be?

    millions of bored kids and clerical workers spread around the world?

    or millions of affluent new yorkers?

  3. That’s a good point, Peter, but I’m not sure Office Max actually cares.

  4. actually Officemax might even prefer bored clerical workers and back-to-school teenagers. Surely the monetizing of media on the net is about delivering targeted ads to qualified audiences — which creates a huge gulf between developing habits and logging hits.

    Getting a miillion people to watch a YouTube video over the course of a year is a lot less challenging than persuading 4000 people to spend 5 minutes on your website every weekday.

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