Flying on Thursday

I’m back in Dallas after getting in late yesterday from Minneapolis. It was an interesting day to be flying, but my adventure, it turns out, was no adventure at all.

I left the conference after lunch, because I wanted to allow plenty of time to get through security for a 4:30pm flight. I never check bags, because it’s faster to do carry-on, but I had plenty of liquid items in the bag, including some fancy cologne that my daughter gave me for my birthday. So I checked the bag and proceeded to security, where I was first in line. That’s right; they were waiting for me! I passed through in a couple of minutes — a record for me at any airport during any security level.

I was stunned based on what I’d heard.

In fact, I was so early that I was able to get on an earlier flight that got me to Dallas when my original flight was supposed to take off. I had a middle seat, but it was okay. I had to wait for baggage in Dallas, but that was okay, too.

All of the passengers were talking about it, but what I heard was “Oh hum, another inconvenience. So what?” I did find it odd that you could buy bottled water at the airport but not take it on the plane. The guy sitting next to me said, “Even if you drank it there in front of them, they wouldn’t let it on the plane.” Rules are rules, after all.

The pilot came on during the flight and thanked everybody for putting up with the new procedures, but the whole flight was normal, normal, normal.

The TV live trucks were there at the airport in Minneapolis, and I had to wonder what they were reporting. I’m sure there were plenty of stories, but I couldn’t see any from where I stood.


  1. I probably shouldn’t say this, but.…I find it very interesting that one day after Joe Lieberman, Bush’s biggest Democratic ally, goes down in flames in an election viewed largely as a referendum on the President, that — oh my Gosh! Terra makes the news again!

    I’m usually not much of a conspiracy theorist. I even believe that Oswald killed Kennedy, LOL.

    I love my country, but fear my government…especially its ability to manipulate the masses using fear.

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