Fighting “The Tower”

The Consumer’s Union has released a downloadable music video as part of a petition drive to stop big corporations from gobbling up media properties and producing “The Tower.” I like the third verse:

I dreamed that I was surfing from one website to another
Following my bliss with all my sisters and my brothers
There were gardens full of flowers and the grass was warm and green
‘Til a monolithic shadow cast a chill across the scene
“We must restrict your access in the name of liberty,”
But then a billion bloggers made it crash into the sea
My view is that, regardless of its height or reach or power, “The Tower” will be talking to no one soon. Corporate America may gobble up all the media properties like record albums at a garage sale, but they’ll be of no use to anybody except the collectors.

Keeping the Web free is our major challenge, and we must be ever diligent in that task.

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