Fall season and sweeps periods to end

Fall season and sweeps periods to end
That’s the call of Jeff Zucker, president of NBC Entertainment. His predictions come in an important, must-read article in Variety (Thanks to I Want Media).

“Within two years, sweeps aren’t going to exist,” Zucker predicts. “When you’re doing (year-round programming), it just doesn’t make sense to save all your big programming for three four-week periods.”
There are numerous other predictions in this article, and it suggests to me that network execs are finally “getting it” about what’s happening in the communications world.
…“We’re at a watershed time in network television in terms of the way we market, launch and schedule shows,” NBC Entertainment prexy Jeff Zucker said, arguing it’s “probably a mistake to première six or seven new shows every fall.”

…“Undoubtedly, advertisers at some point are going to be unwilling to pay more for less,” (Fox president Sandy) Grushow said. “Networks have got to figure out a way to open an alternative revenue stream.”

…“It’s crazy that when things get produced for cable, it costs X, and when it gets produced for a network, it costs Y,” Zucker says. “People are holding on to this idea that networks should pay more. It’s just asinine.”

The article, by Variety’s Josef Adalian, also says we’ll see efforts to turn creative people loose on new shows instead having “too many cooks spoil the pot.” That would be something different, eh? Perhaps these guys actually see that poor content is the ultimate reason why nobody watches anymore. Now if we could just get broadcasters to recognize the same thing about local news…

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