Failure at the Top

News last week that people are watching more television and viewing more online streams than ever must have been perplexing for those in leadership positions in broadcasting. How can we actually be facing revenue problems in such an environment?

My latest essay examines the matter by asking if we really understand what the “business” of media is all about. We’re surrounded by disruptions, but the only one that matters is advertising. What do we do about that, if the only ad platform we offer is attached to our own branded content? Could the pooling of our resources in any given market make a difference in today’s business climate? Would it be smart to create a sort of local online shopping mall for news and information? Read on.

Failure at the Top


  1. This issue becomes even more critical when talking about mobile access. People aren’t going to go to a multitude of branded local media sites on their iPhone … they’ll go to one or two sites that give them at least most of what they want. And right now, it looks like those will be pureplays too.

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