Facebook has bigger issues than it thinks

Here’s a comment I just posted on Fred Wilson’s blog:

As a consultant working with Media Companies (who are discovering the value of Facebook), let me add that Facebook has SERIOUS issues that must be overcome before the business community fully embraces it. At the top is the absurd notion that the name and email address of the person who starts a fan page remains with the page in perpetuity. You cannot imagine the problems this creates. How does one, for example, “purchase” the assets of a page started by someone else? What happens if a business is sold? What happens if the employee who started the page moves on? The problem here, for me, is that it is impossible for someone representing a smallish sort of business to get to anybody with any clout who can address these issues, and it remains my biggest gripe with Zuck’s company. If he seriously wishes to be the identity center of the Web, he’s got to get off his pedestal long enough to deal with matters such as the above. There. I feel better.

I’m serious when I say that Facebook is way too far ahead of itself to accomplish what it really wishes to accomplish, and that is to be, as Dave Winer has so brilliantly stated (here and here), “the identity system of the Web.” Old wisdom says to not build a tower without first considering its foundation, and this, I believe, is Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest problem.


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