Extremely cool new viral marketing tool

I got a note over the weekend from Maury Rosenfeld in Santa Monica, California. Maury runs a small commercial post-production/vfx company there called “Planet Blue,” and he’s come up with a fascinating way to get his (and other starving producers’) material to the marketplace. Maury’s built a Website that aggregates independent commercial makers — the kind of stuff that is high quality but has no mainstream outlet (yet). Thespecspot.com has a collection of commercials that, according to Maury, are “all done ‘on spec’ — in other words, without the restraint of client, agency, and in some circumstances, good taste. Users are cordially invited to anonymously critique the work on the site.”

This is a wonderful way to get the word out about independent producers, but I also think this site has tremendous potential as a launch vehicle for viral marketing campaigns. He built the thing to help his business, but — like so many other things Internet — use determines market. I’ll be watching this one.

Oh, and do yourself a favor. Spend some time on the site looking at the commercials. They’re, for the most part, hilarious.

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